Adorable overload: Three girls adopt a kitten and capture the heart of Twitter

This 3 Kitten Video Tweet post will cover all details regarding the viral video featuring three girls and one kitten.

Are you a lover of kittens? Did you see the kitten and girl video? The disturbing video featuring three young girls and one kitten went viral on social media. This has made many people mad. After watching the video, people from Australia and the United Kingdom were angered and began searching for further details. We will be discussing the 3 Girls 1 Kitten Video Tweet in this post. We advise you to keep reading until the end.

Why is viral video so popular?

The viral video featuring three little girls and one kitten is being searched on social media. What is the secret to this video’s popularity? A girl uploaded the video and it was Viral on Reddit. Three teenage girls toss a black kitten. The worst thing about the video is that the girls had fun and laughed while the kitten suffered. This caused a lot of people to be angry and started posting hate comments about the post.

People didn’t initially think much of the Tiktok clip and thought it was cute. But, after a while, they realized that the kitten was suffering from the video. One of the girls shared the Snapchat clip. A recent report also stated that the girls were arrested because of their offensive behavior.

The video is available on social media.

Many people searched online for the video and sought out more information. Recently, however, the video was removed from all social media platforms including Instagram. The video was deemed offensive and promoted animal cruelty. The video was removed from all social media. Many people still talk about the video and spread hate towards it. Some reports claim that online users first loved the video because they didn’t know that the kitten was being hurt. However, later, when they looked closely at the people, they discovered that the girls were attacking the kitten. The video went viral on Telegram. People searched for the identity of the girls, and they were 13-14 years old and from Marriotts School. The video showed the girls still wearing their school uniforms.


This post summarizes that it is sad to see people abuse animals and that we believe strict action should be taken against those who promote cruelty to animals. To learn more about this viral video , please visit this link.

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