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Annabel Chong LinkedIn will provide the latest information about her, her family, and what has happened to her.

Are you familiar with Annabel Chong? This news is new to you. Is she still there? Where is she now?

Grace Quek is Annabel Chong’s real name. She was born in Singapore to a Catholic Singaporean Chinese family. You can also find out more about Annabel Chong in our Annabel Chong LinkedInnews.

What’s the latest about Annabel Chong,

  • Annabel Chong is an actress in film from Singapore.
  • She is an American actress, born in Singapore. Her most notable role was in The World’s Biggest Gang Bang.
  • This film was a huge success and established a new trend in bad-rated films gang bang.
  • As a college student, she began her film career and worked at the Los Angeles Weekly.
  • Chong used to travel to the United States to perform interviews and dance in clubs, as well as to chat with clients during private sessions.

What happened to Annabel Clhong?

After her fame, Annabel wasn’t in the news. In one interview, she spoke about her 20-year career. Chong said that being famous fast wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Chong doesn’t want this in her life. She wants to be valued for her intelligence and abilities, not her appearance.

She used the coding skills she had learned from a client to get her full-time position as a software engineer. She believes that no one cares about the source code, but only wants to know if it worked.

Who Annabel Chong Biography

Real NameGrace Quek
Professional NameAnnabel Chong
Date and place of birth22 May 1972
Age50 years old
OccupationFilm actress
ParentsNot known
ChildrenNot applicable

Chong decided to focus on The Annabel Chong Story in 1999, after the success of The World’s Biggest Gang Bang. After graduating from Fine Arts, she became a web developer before moving on to other fields in 2003. In 2008, she was working in California as a web developer. Annabel Chong LinkedIn named her 41st in their “Top 50 Asian Stars of All Time” list.


Annabel Chong is in her forties and lives her life to the fullest. You would be wise to avoid any rumors about her. We will keep you informed if we have any new information about her. This page contains all the information you need about Annabel Hong.

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