Egg tastic Adventure Awaits: Join the World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt!

World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt – Easter is a time for celebration and one of the best ways to do it is by going on an Easter egg hunt! But have you ever stopped to think what would take place at the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at its history, locations where it takes place, and what makes it so unique.

Attending this annual event offers attendees a truly magical experience.

Easter Egg Hunts

Before we dive into the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt, let’s first take a brief look at what these events entail. Easter egg hunts are enjoyable activities for both kids and adults alike where eggs are hidden and participants search for them. Often filled with candy or small toys, making it even more exciting!

The History of Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts have been around for centuries, originating in Christian traditions. Eggs symbolize new life and rebirth – exactly what Easter is about! In earlier days, people would decorate eggs to give away as gifts during celebrations of Easter. Over time however, the tradition evolved into hiding eggs and having children search for them.

The World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, The United States hosts the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt at Seven Falls Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hosted by The Broadmoor Hotel – known for its luxurious accommodations and fine dining – this park is known as “The Great Easter Egg Hunt.”

Seven Falls Park

Seven Falls Park is a stunning natural landmark featuring seven waterfalls cascading down a cliff face. Covering 1,250 acres, it has become a popular tourist destination. On Easter Sunday, everyone is invited to attend the free Great Easter Egg Hunt which takes place across 1,250 acres of land.

The Event

The Great Easter Egg Hunt is no ordinary Easter egg hunt. With over 35,000 eggs hidden across the park and three distinct age groups for participants (ages 0-3, 4–7 and 8-10), this event sets itself apart as one of the world’s biggest egg hunts! Each group has their own area to search for eggs.

The Prizes

In addition to candy and small toys, some of the eggs contain special prizes like gift certificates to The Broadmoor Hotel, free passes to Seven Falls Park, or even a chance at winning an overnight stay at the hotel! These incentives make the event even more thrilling for participants since everyone has an equal chance at winning

The Preparation

Setting up Seven Falls Park for the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt requires months of work. They must hide over 35,000 eggs throughout the park, set up designated areas for each age group, and guarantee everything runs seamlessly on event day. 7. How Do They Prepare For It
Preparing for such a monumental undertaking takes months!

The Experience

Attending The Great Easter Egg Hunt is an unforgettable event. The park is stunning, and the hunt offers thrilling excitement for children and adults alike. This event brings people together in celebration of Easter – it truly makes it feel like family! 8. The Benefits


The Great Easter Egg Hunt is an unforgettable event held annually at Seven Falls Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Featuring over 35,000 eggs, special prizes and a breathtaking setting – attending The Great Easter Egg Hunt is sure to be one of your life’s greatest experiences!

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