Can Amazon Change Your Schedule Without Notice See Detailed Information!

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Can Amazon Change Your Schedule Without Notice” See Detailed Information!

Amazon employees may be required to work long hours and odd shifts, which can present difficulties for those with other obligations such as school or childcare responsibilities. If your schedule at Amazon needs changing, here are a few solutions available to you:

First Step, Speak to Your Manager

Initiate Dialogue Your first step should be talking with your manager. They may be willing to work with you on accommodating any request to change your schedule; for example if it involves attending school or caring for a sick child.

If your manager refuses to meet your requests for scheduling changes, consider using the Amazon A to Z App instead. It allows users to request schedule changes up to 14 days ahead, and also lets them swap shifts with other employees.

Contact the Employee Resource Center

If you’re still struggling with changing your schedule, reach out to the Employee Resource Center (ERC). Their team of experts can assist with various employment-related matters – including scheduling issues. You can reach the ERC by either phone or email.

Understand Company Policies

It is vital to become acquainted with your employer’s policies regarding scheduling changes. These may differ depending on your location and position within the organization; you can find these in their employee handbook.

Be Flexible

When faced with being unable to alter your schedule, it is crucial that you remain flexible. This may mean working different shifts or longer hours than desired; moreover, be considerate and understanding of the manager’s needs; they may need to turn down requests if it would compromise business operations.

Be Proactive

If you anticipate that you need to alter your schedule in the future, it is crucial that you act quickly. Speak to your manager as early as possible so they can plan for your absence so it won’t impact the team work. This will also ensure your absence doesn’t disrupt production of work within your team.

Be Professional

When asking for a schedule change, it is essential to remain professional. This means being polite and respectful when speaking with your manager as well as being prepared to explain why a change needs to take place.

Be Patient

Adjusting your schedule could take some time. Be understanding and patient with your manager. They may have to consult other employees in finding an arrangement that suits everyone.


If you need to change your schedule at Amazon, there are a few steps you can take. Speak with your manager, use the A to Z app, contact ERC, understand policies, remain flexible yet proactive and be professional – these strategies could increase your odds of successfully changing it.


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