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Why Does My Cricut Keep Saying, “Select an Accessory”?

Your Cricut may display “Select an accessory” if it has become improperly calibrated or you are using the incorrect tool. Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help your machine work again properly.

Check Calibration Information.

First and foremost, make sure that the calibration of your Cricut is checked. To do this, follow these steps:

Launch Cricut Design Space software. 2. Navigating to the “Machine” icon at the top-left corner. 3. Clicking on “Calibrate.” mes 4. Following any on-screen instructions regarding calibration will complete this process.

If the calibration was successful, your Cricut should no longer display “Select an accessory.

Use the appropriate tool.

If you are using an incorrect tool, your Cricut may display “Select an accessory.” Make sure you are using the appropriate blade for the task at hand – for instance if cutting vinyl you should opt for the fine point blade.

On the Cricut website you will be able to find an exhaustive list of their tools and their uses.

Upgrade software as necessary

If your Cricut Design Space software has become outdated, it could be causing issues. To update it and ensure optimal operation of your Cricut, follow these steps:

Launch Cricut Design Space software. 2. Navigate to the Help menu. 3. If there are updates available, click “Check for updates.” 4. To install, press on the “Install” button.

Once updated, your Cricut should no longer say: “Select an accessory.”

4. Reach Out to Cricut Customer Support

If after trying all of the above troubleshooting steps and your Cricut is still showing “Select an accessory”, contact Cricut customer support immediately for help. They can assess and resolve your problem to get it running again smoothly.

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Your Cricut may display “Select an accessory” if it has not been calibrated properly or you are using an inappropriate tool. Here are a few simple steps that should help resolve this problem:

  • Before beginning to use the Cricut, ensure it is properly calibrated by following the instructions in Cricut Design Space software. 2. Choose an appropriate tool for each task at hand: for vinyl cutting projects use fine point blade.
  • Upgrade Cricut Design Space software to the most recent version. 4. If all these steps have failed and your Cricut is still saying, “Select an accessory,” please reach out for assistance from customer support.

Hope this helps!

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