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Desmume Controller Setup Explore Here

How Can I Integrate An Xbox Controller Into Desmume

Desmume is an emulator for playing Nintendo DS games on your computer. While it is possible to use Desmume without using a controller, doing so will make the experience much more immersive and enjoyable.

This article will walk you through how to connect an Xbox controller to Desmume and give some advice for optimizing its performance. We’ll also offer tips on how to configure it for maximum results.

Requirements (for following this guide) For proper execution of this guide, the following requirements must be fulfilled.

Computer with Windows, macOS or Linux running;* Desmume emulator* Xbox controller Instructions

Download and install Desmume.

  • Connect an Xbox controller to the computer before opening Desmume;
  • Open Desmume
  • Under “Config”
  • Click on “Input” select “Controller 1” as your controller type
  • From the “Device” drop-down list, select your Xbox controller.
  • At this stage, press OK.

Your Xbox controller should now be connected to Desmume and you can test its connection by pressing any of its buttons.

If you are using a wireless Xbox controller, first pair it with your computer using the instructions included with it. To do so, read and follow your controller’s manual carefully.


That’s it! By following these easy instructions, you can easily connect an Xbox controller to Desmume and start enjoying Nintendo DS games using their controllers.

Here are a few additional tips that may help maximize the use of an Xbox controller with Desmume:

If you are having trouble connecting your controller, restart both Desmume and your computer. If any input lag occurs, adjust the sensitivity settings on your controller accordingly. Finally, if using a wireless controller make sure that its batteries are fresh.

By making some minor adjustments, your Xbox controller should work perfectly with Desmume – so why wait any longer? Start playing Nintendo DS games right now!

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