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Does Quest Take Walk Ins ” Discover More!

Do Quest Diagnostics Accept Walk-In Appointments?

Quest Diagnostics is a large healthcare company offering diagnostic testing services. Many may wonder whether Quest accepts walk-in patients or require appointments first.

Quest Diagnostics accepts walk-ins for certain services; however, not all locations accept walk-ins; some only accept appointments while others provide limited walk-in slots.

Trying to determine whether a particular Quest Diagnostics location accepts walk-ins? For the fastest possible response, call them directly and inquire. Alternatively, the website provides a list of locations which accept walk-ins.

What Services Does Quest Diagnostics Accept Walk-Ins for?

Quest Diagnostics offers walk-in services for various needs, such as:

Checking of blood, urine and stool tests, Pap tests and mammograms.
Note that not all Quest Diagnostics locations provide all these services; if you have questions regarding whether one does, call directly.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment at Quest Diagnostics?

If a Quest Diagnostics location doesn’t accept walk-ins for the service you require, an appointment may be made. To do this, contact either directly or use their website to schedule one.

When making an appointment, you will be required to provide some basic information, including your name, date of birth and insurance details. In addition, an exact time and date must be selected.

What Should I Bring with Me for My Appointment at Quest Diagnostics?

When coming for your appointment with Quest Diagnostics, make sure to bring these items:
  • Your Insurance Card
    Your Referral (If applicable )
    A list of medications taken ( If any ) And Any allergies exhibited.

As waiting times can sometimes take some time, bring along water and snacks for yourself in case the wait takes some time.

What to Expect at Your Appointment at Quest Diagnostics

As soon as you arrive at Quest Diagnostics for an appointment, you will check in with the front desk before being led to a room where a technician will draw blood or collect other samples.

Once your samples have been taken, the process should be over and results should arrive shortly thereafter.


Quest Diagnostics offers some services via walk-in visits; however, not all locations accept walk-ins. To inquire as to whether a location accepts walk-ins directly, call them directly or consult their website list of walk-in locations.

Regardless, if you cannot find a Quest Diagnostics location that accommodates walk-in services for what you require, appointments can still be scheduled by calling directly or using their website.

When visiting Quest Diagnostics for an appointment, bring along your insurance card, referral copy, list of medications you are taking and allergies you have, water bottle and snack as well as something to read while waiting such as a book or magazine.

Once your samples have been taken, you should receive your results within several days.

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