Dr.Robert Rey Divorce Details Can Be Found Here.

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Dr.Robert Rey Divorce Details Can Be Found Here.

Are Dr. Rey and Hayley Still Married?

Dr. Rey, or Miguel Angel Rodriguez as he’s commonly known, is a celebrity plastic surgeon best known for appearing on multiple reality TV shows such as “Dr. 90210” and “Botched”. He has been married twice; first to Hayley Rey and then Allyson Bauer.

Dr. Rey and Hayley were married from 2004-2013, giving birth to two children together: one son and one daughter. After nine years together they parted ways.

Dr. Rey and Allyson Bauer married in 2015 but do not share any children together.

There have been reports that Dr. Rey and Allyson are heading for divorce proceedings, although no official confirmation can be found. Dr. Rey has refuted these rumors by asserting that he and Allyson remain “very happy”.

Dr. Rey and Hayley Are Attracted

Dr. Rey and Hayley met when Hayley began working as a nurse at his plastic surgery practice. Soon thereafter, they started dating and eventually tied the knot in 2004.

Miguel Jr. and Isabella had two children between them who appeared often at red carpet events together and social gatherings. It appeared they were very content in their relationship as seen from frequent red carpet appearances together and social events they both attended together.

However, their relationship began to falter in 2012. Dr. Rey shared with People magazine that he and Hayley had been experiencing some difficulties for some time and tried to work things out with each other but that it had not been an easy journey.

  • In 2013, Dr. Rey and Hayley filed for divorce. It was finalized in 2014.
  • Dr. Rey and Allyson Share an Attentive Relationship

Dr. Rey met Allyson Bauer in 2014 and soon thereafter started dating; shortly thereafter they got engaged and were married on April 15, 2015.

The couple do not appear to have children together and appear very content when posting to social media together.

Dr. Rey recently told Us Weekly that Allyson is his love, calling her his “lover of life”. He felt very lucky to have Allyson in his life and believes he should consider himself “very fortunate”.

Rumors of Divorce By 2022, there were reports in the National Enquirer suggesting Dr. Rey and Allyson might be going their separate ways. These rumors began after Dr. Rey’s speech at an academy graduation event was not successful in garnering approval from Allyson to leave him.

Reports suggested that Dr. Rey and Allyson had been engaging in heated arguments recently and were considering divorce.

However, Dr. Rey quickly disproved these reports of discord. He stated that Allyson and himself are very content together and there was “no truth” to any reports of a divorce.


At this point, there has been no confirmation that Dr. Rey and Allyson have decided to divorce. Dr. Rey has denied such speculation by declaring themselves to be very happy as a couple.

Dr. Rey and Allyson appear very content together for now, though only time will tell if their marriage alasts.


Q: Who is Dr. Rey and what is her real name?

Miguel Angel Rodriguez is Dr. Rey’s real name.

Q: How often has Dr. Rey been married?

Dr. Rey has been married twice; first to Hayley Rey and secondly Allyson Bauer.

Q: How many children does Dr. Rey have?

Dr. Rey has two children from his first marriage with Hayley Rey; Miguel Jr and Isabella are his offspring.

Q: What is Dr. Rey’s profession?

Dr. Rey is a celebrity plastic surgeon. He has appeared on various reality TV shows such as “Dr. 90210” and “Botched.”

Q: Are Dr. Rey and Allyson Bauer still married?

No official confirmation exists that Dr. Rey and Allyson Bauer are getting divorced; Dr. Rey has denied these rumors by declaring himself and Allyson to be “very happy.”

Q: How is Dr. Rey related to Allyson Bauer?

Dr. Rey and Allyson Bauer appear to be very content in their relationship and frequently post photos together on social media.

Hope this answers your queries; feel free to let me know if there are any additional concerns or queries.

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