Exclusive: Inside Evelyn Lozada’s Romantic Engagement Surprise

This article is about Lozada Evelyn Engaged in order to inform visitors about a celebrity’s relationship, and how surprising her proposal for marriage was.

Is Lozada in a relationship? Is Lozada engaged? Lozada Evelyn’s fans from the United States and other countries are thrilled to learn about her engagement. After meeting her fiance through the Peacock dating program, she announced her engagement to her husband in December 2022.

In this post, we will discuss the relationship between Lozada and Lewis as well as facts about Lozada Evelyn Engaged.

Lozada is in a relationship?

Lavon Lewis, 47, has proposed to Lozada Evelyn, a former Basketball Wives star. Lozada was proposed to by Lewis ( Fiance) in December at a small celebration in Los Angeles.

What did Lewis say about her?

Evelyn Lozada, the co-founder of the marketing company, said that Evelyn Lozada can be difficult to startle. They advised Evelyn to get ready, as they were about to leave. She was blindfolded until she got to the front door. She entered the front door with around twenty close family members and friends. There were also roses and large “marry me!” notes scattered all over the floor.

A personalized cake with butterflies and the words “Yes” on one side, and “Happy Birthday” on another was requested.

When was Lozada first introduced to her Boyfriend?

Evelyn and the businessman met at the Peacock performance. The first voyage of the Queen’s Court on the network’s Queen’s Court was launched on March 16, 2023.

Lewis and Lozada had discussed their plans to wed in the past, but Lozada, who was married briefly to “OchoCino Johnson”, the NFL star Chad in 2012, wasn’t ready for the proposal. Lozada’s manager and two of Lewis’ friends knew that he was proposing at the right time.

Did Lozada have any idea about the proposal?

Lozada says that she didn’t know Lewis would propose. He said he was honest and that he had irritated her by his cunning behaviour. She wondered why she needed to get ready, as she was an alpha female.

She also wondered why she was being asked to do this. It was difficult for her to let Lewis engage Evelyn.

What was Lozada’s statement regarding the engagement ring?

Lozada was impressed by Lewis’ decision to get a Twila True engagement ring, regardless of whether she wanted to know more. Evelyn Lozada, a collaboration with her product line BX Glow jewelry and Twila True, said that her engagement rings were in the right size and shape.

She said that Lewis did a great job because she didn’t have the stone. She was also not surprised. Lavon is an innovator and has a great memory.


Lozada Evelyn was the star of the show after she got engaged to Lewis. She didn’t know that the proposal to her husband was so shocking. She was happy about the engagement but was slightly annoyed. You can view Lozada Evelyn’s additional facts

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