Honkai Star Rail Next Banner: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Rewards!

Honkai Star Rail Next Banner – This is the ultimate overview of Honkai Star Rail Next Banner! Honkai Star Rail Next Banner! We’re sure that you’re keen to know more about the newest banner and how to reap the most benefits from it. In this guide we’ll show you all you must be aware of this banner, the Honkai Star RailNext Banner which includes the highlighted characters, drop rates, as well as the most effective strategies to make the maximum out of your pullings. Let’s get started!

Overview of the Honkai Star Rail Next Banner

Honkai Star Rail Next Banner Honkai Star Rail Next Banner is the most recent expansion of Honkai Star Rail Next, which is the latest addition to Honkai Impact 3rd game. The banner is adorned with two brand new names, Celestial Hymn and Vermilion Knight: Eclipse, and provides players with the chance to earn some incredible rewards. The banner will be available for a brief period therefore you should hurry to grab the rewards you’re looking for.

Featured Characters

The Honkai Star Rail Next Banner has two new characters: Celestial Hymn, and Vermilion Knight Eclipse. The characters are unique and are able to help you move up in your game. Celestial Hymn will be an supporting character that will boost the damage output of your team, as well as Vermilion Knight. Eclipse can be a formidable DPS character that is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage opponents.

Drop Rates

It is important to know how much the Honkai Star Rail Next Banner drops Honkai Star Rail Next Banner to help you control your expectations and make educated decisions regarding your pulls. The banner offers an opportunity to win the characters featured such as Celestial Hymn, Vermilion Knight Eclipse. Drop rates for all other players is 10% and the rates for stigmata and weapons is between 10 and 12%, respectively.

Utilize this Guaranteed Drop System This Honkai Star Rail Next Banner comes with a guaranteed drop system.

Best Strategies for Getting the Most out of Your Pulls

To maximize the value out of your draws in your journey to the Honkai Star Rail Next Banner it is essential to follow a well-planned strategy. Here are some suggestions to increase your chances of obtaining the main characters as well as other amazing rewards:

  1. Save Your Crystals Keep Your Crystals Honkai Star Rail Next Banner is a one-time event so you need to ensure your crystals are sufficient in your inventory to draw the banner as often as you possibly can. Begin saving your crystals in the lead of the event to ensure you are able to get the most out of the banner.
  2. Concentrate on the featured characters Although it’s tempting attempt to get additional items or characters, the best option is to concentrate on the characters that are featured. They come with a lower drop rate, and you should ensure that you’re putting all your effort into getting the featured characters.
  3. Utilize this Guaranteed Drop System This Honkai Star Rail Next Banner comes with a guaranteed drop system. This means that once you’ve pulled a certain number of pullings you’ll receive the character of your choice. Make use of this method to maximize the chances of obtaining Celestial Hymn as well as Vermilion Knight Eclipse.
  4. Think about using crystals to refresh the Shop If you’re having a hard time finding the products you’re seeking from the shop’s banner, you might consider making use of crystals in order to revive your shop. This could allow you to access greater rewards and more pulls.


We hope this guide was helpful in getting you ready to be ready for Honkai Star Rail Next Banner. Be sure to conserve your crystals, keep your eyes on the characters featured and make use of the system of guaranteed drops and also think about updating the shop in order to maximize the value out of the draws. If you follow these steps you’ll be well on the way to gaining the most value through your next banner, the Honkai Star Rail Next Banner!

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