How Can I Clear Call History From Cell Phone Bill

How Can I Erase Call History From Cell Phone Bill

Your cell phone call history can be an invaluable source of data and can help you keep tabs on who, when, and for how long you have been speaking. But there may come times when you wish to delete this history altogether.

Here are a few reasons for you to delete your call history:

  • Selling Your Phone and Wanting to Protect Your Data
  • When selling or giving away your phone, preserving its personal information may be important for several reasons.* Protect your call history from your spouse/partner/other family members
  • You are trying to identify and resolve an issue with your phone service.

No matter why you want to delete your call history, it is important to understand that doing so may not always be possible. Some cell phone providers store call history on their servers and may not permit you to delete it directly; in these instances it would be wiser contacting your provider first to see if they can help.

If you want to delete your call history, here are a few methods you can try:

Utilizing Your Phone Settings

Most phones contain a setting to delete call history. To find this setting, open your settings and locate “Call History” or “Recent Calls,” tap on it, and then tap the “Delete” button.

Utilize Your Carrier’s Website or App

Many cell phone carriers allow their users to delete call history by accessing their website or app and finding a section allowing you to manage their accounts, with a button or link labeled as “Delete Call History.” To take this approach, log into their website/app and navigate directly into that section in which it allows for account management – once there, look for “Delete Call History”.
*Contact Your Carrier: If you can’t delete your call history using your phone’s settings or your carrier’s website or app, or through other methods such as SMS texting, then contact them directly and they may help delete your history over the phone or by providing you with a special code to use to clear away it from your phone.

Once you’ve deleted your call history, it’s important to keep in mind that it may not completely disappear. Some cell phone providers keep copies for an indeterminate amount of time after you delete it from your phone; if privacy is an issue for you, consider using a third-party app which will completely erase your record – meaning even your cell phone provider won’t have access to see it!

Here are a few third-party apps that will help you erase your call history:

Phone Cleaner:* Phone Cleaner is a free app designed to securely delete your call history as well as other forms of information stored on your phone such as browser history, text messages and photos.
Call History Eraser:* Call History Eraser is another free app designed to delete your call history and provides extra features such as blocking calls and anonymous text messaging.

SD Maid

SD Maid is a paid app that does much more than simply delete call history; it can also clear away cache, temporary files and app data on your phone.

No matter which method you employ, deleting your call history can be an efficient and effortless way to safeguard your privacy.


  • Reason for Deleting Call History

A: Deleting your call history may be for various reasons. Perhaps you want to keep it private from your spouse, partner, or other family members; alternatively if selling your phone and not wanting the new owner having access to personal data.

  • Q: How can I delete my call history?

A: There are various methods you can use to delete your call history, including your phone’s settings, your carrier’s website/app and third-party apps.

  • Q: Will my call history truly disappear if I delete it?

A: No, even after you delete your call history it may still exist on some cell phone providers’ systems for up to six months after you delete it from your phone. If privacy is an issue for you, third-party apps may provide more effective solution than using just your cell phone provider to erase call histories permanently.

  • Q: Are there any third-party applications I can use to erase my call history?

A: There are various third-party apps you can use to delete your call history, some free while others require payment. Here are a few popular third-party applications for doing this:

  • How can I protect my privacy further?

A: There are various methods available to you which may assist in safeguarding your personal data. These may include Phone Cleaner, Call History Eraser and SD Maid services.

A: In addition to deleting your call history, there are other steps you can take to protect your privacy. These may include using a privacy screen on your phone and being mindful about which details you share online.

I hope that the above answers your queries.

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