How To Clean Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

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How To Clean Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

How to Clean Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

Liquid glass thinking putty is an engaging toy suitable for people of all ages, yet can become messy if used without caution. Here are a few suggestions on how to clean up after playing with liquid glass thinking putty:

Use a Damp Cloth

To clean up liquid glass thinking putty quickly and efficiently, the most popular method for doing so is with a damp cloth. Just wipe up and dispose of any leftover putty with it into the trash can.

Utilize a vacuum cleaner

If putty has found its way into hard-to-reach places, a vacuum cleaner may be your best bet for retrieving it. Be sure to use its hose attachment so as not to cause further damage to the vacuum cleaner itself.

Apply Rubbing Alcohol.

If the putty has dried on a surface, use rubbing alcohol to clean it away. Apply some to a cloth and rub until all traces of putty have vanished from its original spot.

Use WD-40

To remove dried liquid glass thinking putty from surfaces, WD-40 is another effective solution. Just spray some onto the area in question and rub until all traces of putty have vanished.

Use a Heat Gun

If the putty has become stuck to its surface, using a heat gun to loosen it may help. Take care when using this method so as not to cause damage by keeping the gun several inches from where you intend to use it.

Use a Hair Dryer

If you don’t own a heat gun, using a hair dryer can also help loosen putty. Be sure to set it to high heat setting and hold it a few inches from where the putty lies.

Use a putty knife

If the putty remains stubborn after using one of the above techniques, try using a putty knife to scrape it away carefully without damaging its surface.

Solvent Wrench To Remove Putty If your putty still refuses to come loose after trying all the previous methods, use a solvent instead to help dissolve it. Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and eye protection when working with any solvents.

Consult an Expert

If the putty remains stubbornly attached despite your best efforts, you may require professional assistance to unstick it.

Cleaning Liquid Glass Thinking Putty: Tips

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection when cleaning liquid glass thinking putty. Be sure to dispose of any leftover material properly, without using harsh chemicals which could harm surfaces.
  • If the putty is stuck, try using a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen it before applying putty knife or solvent to clean. If this doesn’t help, consult a professional.


Liquid glass thinking putty is an exciting and engaging toy, but can become quite messy during play. By following the tips above, it should be easy to clean up after your liquid glass thinking putty sessions and ensure your surfaces remain free from debris.


Q: What is Liquid Glass Thinking Putty?

Liquid glass thinking putty is an educational toy made of silicone oil, borosilicate glass and titanium dioxide that is non-toxic and non-sticky; you can mold it into different shapes.

Q: How can I clean liquid glass thinking putty?

A: Liquid glass thinking putty can be cleaned using damp cloths, vacuum cleaners, vacuum bags containing damp air or vacuum bags filled with rubbing alcohol and WD-40 as well as using heat guns, hair dryers, putty knives or solvents.

Q: What can I use liquid glass thinking putty for?

A: Liquid glass thinking putty can be used for many tasks, including:

  • Convert it into various shapes and forms * Use it to make jewelry or crafts * Experiment with its different properties
Q: Is liquid glass thinking putty safe to use?

A: Liquid glass thinking putty is safe to use and non-toxic, non-sticky and non-flammable – providing it is kept out of reach from small children who could put it into their mouths accidentally. However, it should still be stored away safely so as to remain out of reach from them.

Q: Where can I purchase liquid glass thinking putty?

Liquid glass thinking putty can be found at many toy stores, online retailers and even some grocery stores.

Hope this answers your queries about liquid glass thinking putty! Should any further inquiries arise, feel free to ask.

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