How To Delete Text Messages On Iphone For Both Sides View This!

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How To Delete Text Messages On Iphone For Both Sides View This!

How to Delete Messages on iPhone from Both Sides If you need to delete messages on both sides of an iPhone at once, there are various approaches.

Switch to the Messages App

  • Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Locate and identify the conversation that you want to delete. 3. To select messages individually for deletion: tap and hold until they turn red before tapping Delete, followed by Delete All, followed by tapping Delete twice to confirm deletion.

Use iCloud For this method, go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud and make sure Messages are enabled before returning to Settings > Messages and tapping the option “Delete All Messages”. And finally tap Delete again as confirmation.

Third-Party App

There are various third-party apps that can assist with deleting messages on both iPhones. One popular option is iMessage Eraser. Install and download iMessage Eraser from the App Store. 2. Sign into iMessage Eraser using your Apple ID, select conversations you would like to delete, tap Delete, then confirm by tapping Delete All.

Note: Once deleted from both iPhones, messages that you delete cannot be recovered – they have been completely erased!

  • Tips for Deleting Messages on iPhone
  • To delete one message at a time, tap and hold on it, followed by tapping Delete. For multiple deletions, tap hold first message then tap each additional one that needs deleting until all are selected, before tapping Delete to complete your selections.
  • To delete all messages within a conversation, tap its tab and then tap Delete All Messages. For iPhones only: navigate to Settings > Messages and tapDelete All Messages to permanently erase them all.


Deleting messages on an iPhone can be an effortless task when you know how to do it properly. There are multiple methods available for you, with the best method depending on your individual needs and situation. By following the tips in this article, you’ll easily delete messages from your iPhone and keep conversations private.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) (FAQs) (PDF Document).

Q: What will happen when I delete a message from my iPhone?

Once deleted from an iPhone, messages cannot be recovered – they are permanently gone from its memory and cannot be recovered in any form.

Q: What happens if I delete an inconclusive message from an ongoing dialogue

When you delete a message in a conversation with someone else, it will also be removed from their device. iMessage is a cloud-based messaging service provided by Apple; when messages are deleted from Apple servers they are also removed from all involved parties’ devices involved in that discussion.

Q: Can I recover deleted messages from my iPhone?

Once deleted from an iPhone, messages are permanently lost unless using data recovery services to retrieve them. Depending on when and how recently the message was deleted, however, you may be able to recover it by accessing the Recently Deleted folder containing all messages you deleted over the last 30 days – simply open up your Messages app and tap Recently Deleted before selecting to restore any that may have been obliterated from there.

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