How To Get A Car Towed From Apartment Complex

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How To Get A Car Towed From Apartment Complex

How Can I Arrange to Have my Car Towed from an Apartment Complex

As a landlord or property manager, you may have experienced the unfortunate experience of having a vehicle removed from an apartment complex. Although this process can be both time consuming and frustrating, there are steps you can take to make this experience less troublesome.

In this article, we will outline the steps involved in getting a car towed from an apartment complex and also give some suggestions to avoid further incidents in the future.

Review Your Lease Agreement

As your first step, review your lease agreement to determine if any specific areas within it prohibit parking – this can then serve as justification to have the car towed away.

Issue a Warning Notice

If the car does not violate any lease terms, issue a warning notice to its owner in order to give them time to relocate their car before towing.

Call a Tow Truck service

If the car remains parked after receiving a warning notice, you may contact a tow truck and arrange to have it removed from its current spot. Be sure to obtain a copy of their receipt so you can charge its owner accordingly for towing fees.

Tips to Prevent Car Towing

Here are a few tips for preventing car towing from your apartment complex:

  • Mark all parking spots clearly with signs that clearly display whether they are designated for residents only, visitors, or handicapped parking.
  • Post signs reminding residents about the parking rules and regulations. * Inspect the lot regularly for vehicles violating said rules.
    Issue warning notices to cars who violate your rules. * Contact a tow truck service if cars still break your rules after receiving warning notices.

By following these tips, you can help prevent car towing from your apartment complex and keep the premises safe and orderly.

Additional Info

In some states, landlords must give tenants 24 hours’ notice before towing their car. If you are unclear of the laws in your state, consult an attorney.
Keep a record of all communications with the car’s owner, such as any warning notices or tow truck receipts.

  • Consider installing security camera systems throughout your apartment complex to deter car towing and other illegal activity.


Q: What happens if my car is parked in an accessible parking spot without a placard or license plate?

A: In general, your vehicle can be towed if parked in a handicapped parking spot without the appropriate placard or license plate. These spots are designated specifically for people with disabilities and parking without proper documentation is illegal.

Q: Is There Anything I Should Do If the Car Is Blocking My Driveway/Garage

A: If a car is blocking your driveway or garage, you have every right to have it towed away as this impedes accessing your property and it prevents access.

Q: What if my car is parked in a fire lane?

A: Any vehicle found parked illegally within a fire lane will be towed without warning, as firefighters rely on fire lanes as access routes in case of fire; blocking their access could put lives at risk and put the community in jeopardy.

Q: If I park in a visitor spot without permission or pass, what will happen?

A: If a vehicle is found parked illegally in a visitor’s spot without having obtained an appropriate pass, they could potentially be towed away as this spot is typically reserved for guests of residents and blocking them from finding parking space could prevent these guests from finding space to park in their guests of residents’ driveways.

Q: What happens if my car is parked in an unmarked space?

A: It may be impossible to have a car towed from an unmarked spot because it would be difficult to prove its violations if those rules aren’t clearly displayed.

Q: How much does it cost to have my car towed?

Cost of towing a car depends on both its location and towing company; typically between $100 and $200 can be expected as the bill comes.

Q: Who is responsible for paying towing fees?

Owner of car: responsible for towing fees

Q: How Can I Challenge The Decision To Have My Car Towed

If you object to having your car towed, contact your landlord or property manager immediately. Additionally, consider filing a formal complaint with either the local towing company or Better Business Bureau as soon as possible.

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