How To Make Your Messages Dark Blue

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How To Make Your Messages Dark Blue

iMessage can be an amazing way to stay in touch with loved ones, but the default blue color might be too vibrant for your taste. Here’s how you can turn down its brightness:

Launch the Settings app on your iOS device. 2. Switch over to Messages. 3. Access Appearance. 4 Choose Dark Blue from “Background Color,” before tapping Done at the end. Now your iMessages are dark blue!

Here are a few additional suggestions on how to turn iMessage dark blue:

  • If you own an iPhone X or later model, True Tone offers another way of automatically darkening iMessage messages automatically. To activate this feature, open your Settings app, navigate to Display & Brightness then turn “True Tone.”
  • If you own an older iPhone or iPad, iMessage dark blue can still be achieved using third-party applications. There are various apps out there which offer this capability and enable users to change their iMessage color preferences.

Here are the best third-party apps available to change the colors of iMessages:

  • Color Messages is an app which lets you change the colors, font and background of iMessages on iOS devices, along with font size and background color settings. [Image of Color Messages app for iOS] * galbenIMessage Themes:** This application offers various themes you can use to change up the look of iMessages on iOS devices. [IImage of IMessage Themes app for iOS]
    *iMessage Customizer This application gives you the power to personalize and tailor the appearance of iMessages sent from iOS devices in various ways. [Image of the iMessage Customizer app for iOS]

Making your iMessage dark blue can help your messages stand out, so by following these steps you can easily change their color to dark blue.


Q: Why would I want to change iMessage into Dark Blue?

Making your iMessage dark blue can serve several purposes, from making messages more prominent to providing more soothing, relaxing environments than standard blue hue.

Q: I would like to make my iPhone or iPad’s iMessage dark blue

To customize iMessage in dark blue on an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps Launch the Settings app. 2. Navigate to Messages. 3. Toggle Appearance. 4 Under Background Color select Dark Blue for “Background Color,” before tapping Done and closing this section of settings. Q: What If My iPhone Or iPad Has Not Support For These Features

Even on older iPhone and iPad models, it is possible to change iMessage color using third-party applications. There are various apps which provide this functionality so as to allow for maximum control when changing it’s color scheme.

Q: Which third-party apps offer me the greatest variety for customizing the colors in my iMessages?

There are various great third-party apps for changing the colors of iMessages, some of the more popular options include:

  • Color Messages is an app which lets you customize the color, font and background of iMessage messages with its customizable options for font and background color as well as font size and background pattern.
    Teatrul Themes allows users to give their iMessages more personality with its collection of themes designed specifically to customize its look and style.
  • iMessage Customizer: With this app you can personalize the look and style of iMessages in many different ways.
Q: How else can i customize iMessage?

A: In addition to changing the color of your iMessages, they can also be customized in other ways – for instance by altering their font, background and effects settings as well as including stickers, emojis or animated GIFs in them.

Q: Can I change the colors of iMessages sent to other people?

A: No, only you are able to change the colors of your own iMessages; their originator dictates its colour rather than recipients.

What If You Don’t Like Dark Blue Color

If the dark blue hue doesn’t suit you, simply follow these steps and select “Blue” under Background Color to restore its default status.

Hope this has answered any of your queries on how to make iMessage dark blue, however if any more arise please reach out as there may be more answers available here than here. If any further assistance is required please reach out directly.

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