How To Remove Google Account From Computer

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How To Remove Google Account From Computer

Learn How to Unauthorize Google Account on Chrome here!

To delete an existing Google account from Chrome, follow these steps:
  • Launch Chrome.
  • Click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner. 3. Choose Settings. 4. Scroll down and click on Manage People, wherein 5. Locate the account to be deleted before 6. To confirm, 7th Click Remove Again to formally end their access to their account

How to Deleting Google Account from Windows 10

Follow these steps to delete a Google Account from Windows 10.
  • Navigating to the Start menu. 2. Searching for “Settings.” 3 Click on “Settings.” 4 Navigating to “Accounts.” 5 Your info,
    6, Mange Another Account and
  • Select your account that needs removing; click on ‘Remove” Its 9. Once removed click on “Remove Again” as confirmation.

How to Deactivate Google Account on Mac

To delete a Google Account from a Mac computer, follow these steps:
  • Launch System Preferences.
  • Navigate to “Users & Groups.” 3. To unlock, click on the lock icon in the bottom left corner of the window, enter your password, and click “Unlock.” 5. To delete an account: Select it; press – in its top-left corner; click Unlock (Enter your Password); press Unlock again after reentering password (To confirm) umplut 6. Press “-” button before “Remove” is activated (7th button and Confirm).

These are the steps on how to delete a Google account from a computer. If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are a few additional tips for uninstalling Google from a computer:

  • If you are using a public computer, be sure to sign out before signing back into Google Account. Doing this will protect your privacy. * If you need assistance in deactivating your Google account, reach out to Google Support for help.
  • If you need help deactivating your Google account, visit Google Support Documentation for guidance.


Q: What happens if I remove my Google account from my computer?

By disconnecting your Google Account from your computer, any services that require sign-in – like Gmail, Drive and YouTube – won’t work anymore.

Q: I want to keep my Google Account, but don’t want it used on my computer?

If you want to keep your Google account, but no longer wish for it to be used on your computer, signing out of it may be the solution. To do this in Chrome, click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and choose “Settings,” followed by scrolling down until reaching “Manage People,” click on the account you wish to leave and finally “Sign out” button.

What if I have multiple Google accounts and want to delete one of them?

If you want to delete one of your Google accounts, follow these instructions based on which operating system is being used.

Q: I’m having difficulty closing my Google account

If you are having difficulties closing your Google account, contact Google support for assistance.

Q: I need help knowing how to delete my Google Account

For assistance on how to delete your Google account, you can refer to Google Support documentation.

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