How To Sign Out Of Outlook On Mac

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How To Sign Out Of Outlook On Mac”

Introduction There may be several reasons for why it may be necessary for you to log out of Outlook on a Mac for various purposes, including sharing it with someone and not wanting them access to your emails; or just wanting to close down completely after using Outlook.

Logging out of Outlook on a Mac is a straightforward process – here’s how:

Launch Outlook To begin the process of setting up Outlook, just launch it first if it isn’t already open and move directly onto step two. If it already is running smoothly, just skip ahead to step three.

To access the File menu, please follow these steps.

Once Outlook is open, click on the File option in the top-left corner.

To access your Account Settings, click here.

  • From the “File” menu, select “Account Settings.”
  • Step Four: To access your account, navigate to “Account.”

Once in, select “Account Settings”, and from there “Account”, your desired account to log off of.

  • Step 5: To remove, click on the “Uncheck” box.
  • Once you’ve identified an account to delete, select it and click on the “Remove” button.
  • Step 6: To confirm, press on the “Yes” button.
  • Once a confirmation window appears asking if you are sure you would like to delete an account, click “Yes” to confirm.
  • 7: Close OutlookWhilst closing Outlook might sound daunting at first, but don’t fret: once everything has been deleted it should close just fine!

And that’s it – you have successfully signed out of Outlook on a Mac!

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  • If you are using Outlook at work or school, contact your IT department for help in signing out of your account. For personal accounts using Mac computers, restarting them might help as well. * If still having issues signing out, Microsoft Support might provide some additional guidance or help.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about signing out of Outlook on a Mac:

Q: What can happen when I log out of Outlook?

A: By signing out of Outlook, you are signing out of your email account and no longer able to send or receive email, access calendar events or contacts and view calendar events or contacts.

Q: How can I access my email after signing out from Outlook?

A: To access your email after signing out of Outlook, log back in. Alternatively, visit your email provider’s website in a web browser for immediate access to all your email accounts.

Q: I’m using Outlook for work or school purposes

A: If you use Outlook at work or school, your IT department may need to help log you out as they may have configured your account in such a way as to prevent you from doing it yourself.

Q: How can I log out of Outlook?

A: If you are having difficulty with Outlook logging out, try restarting your Mac first and contacting Microsoft support if that doesn’t do the trick.

Hope this has been of some assistance; please let me know if any other inquiries arise.

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