How To Unselect Promotion On Uber Eats

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How To Unselect Promotion On Uber Eats

How to Unregister Promo Code from Uber App

If you no longer wish to use a promo code in the Uber app, it may be simpler for you to locate and utilize different codes by removing it altogether. Here’s how:

  • Launch the Uber app.
  • Tap “Profile” icon at the top left of screen. 3. Navigate to Payments;
    4 Promotions and then Removal. 6 To delete promo code(s), follow these steps: – 1. Tap “X” adjacent to promo code you would like removed
  • When complete, hit “Remove.” The promo code(s) will be deducted from your account.

Why Can’t You Keep Promo Codes Active?

There may be several reasons to remove a promo code from your Uber app, including no longer needing it or to make finding and redeeming other codes easier.

Another valid reason to delete a promo code is if it could be misused by others. For example, if you share your Uber account with other individuals who could potentially exploit its usage without your knowledge.

What Are My Repercussions If I Remove a Promo Code?

Once a promo code is removed from the Uber app, its savings won’t longer apply to your rides – meaning you’ll pay standard fare rates instead.

Once you’ve used your promo code, unfortunately it cannot be returned for refund.

Can I Reuse My Promo Code?

Most promo codes cannot be reused multiple times; if in doubt, please consult the terms and conditions of each individual code for clarification.

How Do I Receive a New Promo Code?

There are various methods for obtaining new promo codes. Here are your options:

  • To find current Uber promo codes: * Visit Uber’s website or app and look for current promo codes. * Subscribe to their mailing list in order to take advantage of exclusive coupons. Follow Uber on social media in search of promo codes or ask friends and family if any extra ones exist for use by asking –

Tips for Utilizing Promo Codes

Here are a few helpful hints for using promo codes:

  • Before applying your promo code, ensure you read its terms and conditions to make sure you fully comprehend how it works.
  • Ensure there is enough money in your Uber account to cover the cost of the ride even with applied promo codes. Its * If any difficulties arise while applying a promo code, contact Uber customer support immediately for assistance.

Hope this article has been informative; feel free to reach out if there are any further queries or concerns.


Q: Why can’t I reuse my promo code?

A: Promo codes are intended to be used just once and are meant to prevent people from abusing them multiple times and taking advantage of free rides.

Q: I need a promo code

A: There are various methods you can take to obtain a new promo code, including:

  • Check Uber’s website or app for current promo codes. Sign up for their email list to gain exclusive promo codes, follow them on social media for promos or ask friends and family if any are lying around that you can take advantage of.
Q: What happens if I change or remove a promo code after using it?

A: Unfortunately, once a promo code has already been used and removed, no refund can be provided.

Q: I need more assistance with removing promo codes from Uber app?

Answer: For further inquiries, Uber customer support is always there to assist.

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