How Tumblr’s Parody of Paid Verification Led to a 125% Surge in iOS Revenue

We’re excited to share exciting information about Tumblr an online social network that recently introduced the paid verification function. As per our information sources Tumblr’s iOS revenue has risen at 125% after the release of its paid verification parody. This is an impressive feat for Tumblr and is a testimony to the company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

What is Tumblr?

If you’re not familiar with Tumblr it’s an online microblogging and social network platform that lets users upload multimedia content, like blog posts in short form and videos, images or audio recordings. Tumblr is home to a large community of users who love engaging with and sharing one another’s content, which makes it a fantastic platform for learning about exciting and novel things.

Paid Verification Feature:

The paid verification feature on Tumblr is an exciting feature that lets users verify their accounts at a cost. This feature assists in preventing fake accounts and boost the authenticity of the accounts on the platform and makes it much easier for users to identify and communicate using authentic profiles.

The Parody of Paid Verification:

It is interesting to note that Tumblr has also introduced an ode to paying verification that has been well-received by users. The parody feature lets people to “verify” their accounts by performing funny tasks like taking a picture using a rubber chicken or performing a silly dance. The feature has been popular with users and has helped contribute to the recent growth in revenue.

How has Tumblr’s Revenue Increased?

The growth in revenue of Tumblr’s iOS application can be attributed to several reasons. First, paying verification has led people to register to Tumblr and then verify their accounts. This increases user engagement and usage within the app. The increased engagement has resulted in higher revenue from advertising because advertisers are more likely to pay more to purchase ad space on platforms with high levels of engagement.

Another factor that has contributed to Tumblr’s increase in revenue is the focus of the platform on enhancing user experience. Tumblr has recently released a variety of new features, including an updated video player and an updated dashboardthat make the site more accessible and user-friendly to those who are new users.


The recent growth in revenue is evidence of the platform’s commitment to innovation and satisfaction of users. Paid verification as well as its parody feature have proven successful at attracting more users as well as increasing the amount of engagement on the platform, resulting in more revenues. We’re eager to see what additional new features Tumblr will bring to market in the near future, and are looking forward to using the platform.

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