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Learn How to View Clipboard History on iPhone

Clipboards on iPhone are temporary storage areas where any text or images copied to them can be quickly pasted into another application or document quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, by default the history of clipboards is hidden away and thus is inaccessible to users.

If you need to access your clipboard history, there are various methods available. A third-party clipboard manager app may help or you could enable the Show Clipboard button in Settings app.

Choosing an Independent Clipboard Manager App

App Store users have access to numerous third-party clipboard manager apps which allow them to easily view their clipboard history as well as copy/paste items into other applications.

Pasteboard is an accessible clipboard manager app that enables you to easily view your clipboard history as well as search for specific items. Furthermore, Pasteboard allows users to copy and paste items from their history into other applications for easy copy-pasting.

To use Pasteboard, download and install it from the App Store. When open, you’ll see all of the items that have been copied or pasted, along with copies or copies with more options for copying or pasting that were recently pasted or copied – tapping any item will copy it directly, while three dot taping will show more options available to you.

Enabling Clipboard Button

Rather than use an external clipboard manager app, if you wish to view your clipboard history both from Lock Screen and within apps you can enable the Show Clipboard button in Settings app and view your clipboard history from there.

To enable the Show Clipboard button, launch the Settings app and navigate to General > Keyboard. Scroll to the bottom of Keyboard screen and enable Show Clipboard button.

Once you enable the Show Clipboard button, you can view your clipboard history by pressing and holding the AssistiveTouch button – this button appears as a small white circle when pressed and held – to display them on screen.

Pressing and holding the AssistiveTouch button will bring up a menu, including Clipboard to view its history.

Notes on How to Use the Clipboard

Here are a few tips for using the clipboard app on your iPhone:

  • You can copy and paste text, images, and links between apps easily.
    You can use the clipboard to quickly enter frequently used information like email addresses or passwords into applications quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it allows you to store items for later such as phone numbers or addresses in an easily searchable list.
  • You can quickly clear your clipboard history by pressing and holding the AssistiveTouch button, then tapping on the Clear Clipboard button.

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Q: How many items can be stored in my clipboard history

A: Your clipboard history storage capacity depends on which model of iPhone you own; for instance, the iPhone 13 allows up to 10 items while an iPhone 12 only stores five.

Q: How long will an item remain in my clipboard history?

A: Clipboard history items are only stored temporarily – typically only minutes. If an item remains on your clipboard for too long without being pasted off it will be deleted from history and will no longer appear there.

Q: How can I erase my clipboard history

A: To delete the clipboard history, press and hold the AssistiveTouch button before tapping on the Clear Clipboard option.

Q: What happens if I copy sensitive information such as passwords onto my clipboard?

A: As soon as you copy sensitive information onto your clipboard, it is vital that its history be cleared as quickly as possible in order to safeguard it against being accessed by unauthorized parties. This will protect both you and the information.

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