Is Aol Mail Shutting Down 2022

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Is Aol Mail Shutting Down 2022

Will AOL Email Shut Down?

AOL has long been a cornerstone of internet communications, but their email service may soon come to an end. In 2022, AOL announced they would phase out free email services – although its plans regarding paid services remain unknown at present.

Reasons behind AOL’s potential decision to close its email service could include financial hardship; AOL lost $100 million last year and its revenue has steadily decreased since. Furthermore, competition in the email market is intensifying – Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook provide popular email solutions which threaten AOL’s position as the dominant force it once was.

AOL could suffer serious financial repercussions should their email service cease operation, as millions of users worldwide depend on email to communicate. But AOL may find ways to keep its email service alive; for instance selling it or finding other profitable uses could keep it operational.

Time will only tell what AOL email’s future holds, but it would be prudent to plan ahead just in case it closes down. If you use AOL email, begin researching alternative services or use third-party clients as backup plans – anything could happen suddenly!

What Are My Alternatives to AOL Email?

If AOL Email were to shut down, there are various alternatives that should be taken into consideration as potential replacement providers. Such providers could include:

Gmail: Google Mail is one of the world’s premier email providers, offering free use with numerous features such as large storage capacity, advanced search functionality and add-on support.

Yahoo Mail: As another top email provider, Yahoo Mail provides similar features as Gmail without charging its users any subscription fees.

Outlook is part of Microsoft Office and does not come for free, however it offers many unique features, such as its integration with Word and Excel documents.

How to Back Up an AOL Email Account.

If the idea of AOL email closing down concerns you, ensure to back up your data prior to any potential downturn. There are various methods for doing this – for instance:

Export Your Emails: AOL offers various file export options that enable you to quickly store your emails – PST, EML and CSV formats are among them – on either a computer or another storage device. This makes archiving emails faster.

Change Email Providers: A number of third-party email clients offer AOL email import capabilities, making this an attractive option if you prefer another email service provider over AOL.

Cloud Storage Solutions: Another secure and simple method of backing up AOL email securely and conveniently is by using cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to do it. Using these solutions ensures you can access it from anywhere around the globe.


AOL email is widely popular, yet could close down at some point in the near future. If you currently use AOL mail, make sure that you migrate soon or it could shut down in its current form.


Q: When will AOL email shut down?

AOL hasn’t given an exact date when its email service will close down; however, the company has announced that its free email service will begin being phased out sometime between 2022 and 2023. As yet it remains uncertain if their paid email services will also close down at that point in time.

Q: Are There Alternatives to AOL Email

A: Should AOL email close down, there are numerous alternative email providers you could turn to instead. Some of the more popular choices include:

Q: How can I back up my AOL email?

A: If the possibility of AOL email closing down concerns you, it would be prudent to back up your emails in various ways. These could include:

  • Export Your Email to a File: AOL offers several formats for exporting email, such as PST, EML, and CSV that will allow you to save it onto a computer or storage device.
  • Third-Party Email Clients: There are various third-party email clients that allow you to import AOL emails into them, making this an attractive solution if you prefer using another provider instead of AOL.
  • Make Use of Cloud Storage Services: Another great option for backing up AOL email is using cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, such as for backup purposes and being able to access it anywhere at anytime.
Q. Will my emails remain secure if AOL closes down?

Should AOL cease providing email services, your emails will no longer be accessible through their website or app. However, if you backed them up before then you could access them using another provider or an external client.

Q: How should AOL email users respond?

If you use AOL email, now is the time to consider alternatives and make plans for how you’ll protect yourself should something go wrong with their servers. Perhaps switching providers altogether, using third-party clients or simply keeping copies of all your email backed up as soon as possible would all help ensure your safety and ensure that no emails go missing in an emergency situation.

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