How to Avoid Becoming Victim of the Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam

You can find out more about the class settlement by reading exclusive information about Juul Klass Action Lawsuit Scam.

Did you know that a single cigarette can contain as much as eight to twenty milligrams of nicotine? On average, twelve milligrams are present. It is legal to sell tobacco products within the United States. This includes e-cigarettes.

The FDA must approve the composition and follow all guidelines regarding eliquids and ecigarettes. It also has to maintain the nicotine levels. Let’s check Juul Lawsuit Scam.

Juul Scam:

Juul Class-action Lawsuit Scam Juul is a fraud that involves Juul, an electronic-cigarette company that sells vapes to anyone, even students. E-cigarettes are generally safer than using tobacco cigarettes. Juul’s eliquid contained 59 mgs of nicotine. This is equivalent to four+ cigarettes.

FDA found no evidence that Juul’s electronic cigarettes were safe. Juul’s electronic cigarettes contain high amounts of nicotine which has resulted in severe addiction. Many people died from lung injuries in mid-2019. Juul Class Action Lawsuit Canada was the result. The common factor was the use of Juul e-cigarettes.

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Lung disease or respiratory failure
  • Heart attack or heart problems
  • Mental or behavioral health issues
  • Congenital or pregnancies complications
  • Nicotine poisoning,
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Seizures, and

Juul Lawsuit’s Legitimacy:

Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam, Juul Lawsuit does not constitute a fraud. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California is currently hearing #19-md02913WHO. It is entitled JUUL Labs Inc Marketing and Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation. Dena C Sharp and Girard S Sharp Llp are the class counsel in Juul Claim Lawsuit Scam. Peter Farrell, Van C Durrer and Rene Smith are the defense counsel. Kellogg Hansen Todd Figel & Frederick P Llc make up the defense counsel.

Combinations of lawsuits and settlements:

Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam Juul was the focus of 5,281 lawsuits. These lawsuits included both individual and collective actions. They were filed in 33 states. Juul settled 5K cases for an undisclosed amount, speculated/estimated to be $1.2 billion. According to the latest update, Juul also agreed on a settlement worth $255 million.

Links ToJuul Class Action Lawsuit Claim Form:


Juul Class Action Lawsuit Fraud, Juul scam refers the Juul’s marketing to all age groups of its products, causing health problems. The Juul e-cigarette was not tobacco cigarettes. However, it contained high amounts of nicotine. The 14th of July 2023 is the last day to file a claim. The verdict date for a claim is 9/August 2023. These links will take you to claim forms.

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FAQ about Juul Class Action Lawsuit

Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam

  1. Juul’s vapes are addictive.

Juul e-cigarettes are addictive because of the high nicotine content.

  1. Is e-cigarette use safer than regular smoking?

E-cigarettes are controversial because of their safety. E-cigarettes are not like tobacco cigarettes, which emit smoke and leave behind tar in your lungs.

  1. Is Juul e-cigarettes more safe than smoking tobacco cigarettes?

Juul vapes aren’t safer than cigarettes because they contain high amounts of nicotine.

  1. Is Juul subject to a lawsuit?

Yes. Parents of children younger than 18 years old and people over 18 who have suffered from health problems as a result of the Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam scam can file a lawsuit.

  1. What settlement amount is for each person?

Each individual’s settlement amount will differ and be calculated differently.

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