Redroad V17 Motorcycles: Performance and Style Unmatched!

Redroad V17 – Are You Searching for a Fitness Tracker that Will Assist in Reaching your Health and Fitness Goals? Well look no further! The Redroad V17 Fitness Tracker is designed specifically to assist active individuals. It monitors daily activity and progress while motivating you to stay on the path towards fitness!

No matter your goal: fitness enthusiast, professional athlete or simply improving health – Redroad V17 offers everything you need to accomplish them all. Packed with features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and GPS tracking; this powerful device keeps tabs on all aspects of health and fitness in real-time.

Key Features of Redroad V17

Redroad V17 stands out with its advanced heart rate monitoring features. Equipped with an optical sensor, this device accurately measures your heart rate throughout the day for real-time data on cardiovascular health.

No matter if you’re exercising, resting, or sleeping – the Redroad V17 heart rate monitor can assist in keeping an eye on your heart rate and making adjustments as needed. By tracking your heart rate you can ensure you’re making the most of each workout session and staying within your target heart rate zone to avoid overexertion.

So what makes the Redroad V17 such an effective fitness tracker? Let’s examine its key features and benefits more closely.

Comprehensive Sleep Tracking

One of the Redroad V17’s key features is its comprehensive sleep tracking abilities. Equipped with sophisticated sensors and algorithms, this device can monitor your sleeping patterns throughout the night to provide detailed insights into both its quality and duration.

By monitoring your sleep, the Redroad V17 can help identify issues affecting its quality such as snoring, restless sleeping or sleep apnea that could be affecting its quality and make necessary changes to improve overall sleep health – giving you more restful nights and feeling more rejuvenated throughout each day.

GPS Tracking and Route Planning

For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy running, hiking, or biking activities such as marathon running or cycling, the Redroad V17 provides advanced GPS tracking and route planning features. Equipped with its built-in GPS sensor, this device accurately tracks movements to provide real-time information regarding speed, distance, location etc.

Redroad V17 also allows you to plan and save routes for future workouts, making it easy to follow a predetermined path and monitor your progress on it. Whether exploring new trails or training for an event, this feature can help you reach your fitness goals more quickly.

Water Resistance and Long Battery Life

One of the many key advantages of the Redroad V17 is its water resistance and long battery life. Rated IP67 water proof rating ensures this device can withstand exposure to rainwater and sweat for lasting use outdoors or water activities.

Redroad V17 boasts an extended battery life of 10 days, providing long periods of use without needing to recharge it. This makes it ideal for active individuals who require devices that can keep pace with their lifestyles.


In conclusion, the Redroad V17 fitness tracker is an impressive and versatile fitness device with advanced features and benefits to provide active individuals with maximum efficiency and success in reaching their fitness and health goals. Boasting advanced heart rate monitoring capabilities, comprehensive sleep tracking functionality, GPS tracking capability and water resistance with long battery life support for longer use and monitoring purposes; this device makes achieving your health and fitness objectives simpler than ever!

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