Lifeproof Case Fail

Lifeproof Case Fail

What to Do If Your LifeProof Case FAILs

LifeProof cases are designed to shield your phone from water, dirt and drops; however, no case can provide total protection – there is always the chance that even LifeProof could fail at some point. Should this occur there are several steps you can take in response.

Review Warranty

Before making your purchase decision, first review the warranty of your LifeProof case. Most models come with a one-year guarantee; if your case still fits under that period, contact LifeProof for replacement options.

Reach Out to LifeProof Customer Support Services (Customer support).

LifeProof customer support may still provide assistance – including troubleshooting tips or discounts on replacement cases – even if your case is no longer under warranty.

Bring Your Phone To a Repair Shop

If after trying all the suggestions above, your phone is still damaged, you may require professional repair service to assess and repair it. A qualified technician can evaluate its state before providing service accordingly.

Evaluate alternate cases

If you have had issues with LifeProof cases, consider trying another brand; many alternative cases offer comparable protection.

How to Prevent LifeProof Case Failure

There are a few measures you can take to help protect your LifeProof case from being breached.

  • Take Care in Handling Your Case. Protect the integrity of your LifeProof case by treating it carefully, such as by not dropping or subjecting it to harsh chemicals.
    Replacing Your Case Regularly.* LifeProof cases are intended to last one year before beginning to show signs of degradation that could increase the risk of failure.
    Use a Screen Protector. A screen protector can help shield your phone’s display screen from scratches and cracks even if its LifeProof case fails.

By following these tips, you can help prevent your LifeProof case from failing and ensure the protection of both you and your phone.

Additional Tips

When first using a LifeProof case for the first time, be sure to carefully read its instructions. If you require assistance with using it, contact LifeProof customer support for further help.

LifeProof cases aren’t indestructible – if you drop your phone from an extreme height or expose it to extreme environments, there’s still the potential that it will be damaged.
And remember – they shouldn’t replace common sense: don’t use your phone while driving or operating machinery!


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