Luke Kates Obituary A Life Dedicated to Service and Creativity

Luke Kates was a beloved member of his community and talented artist who passed away tragically at 35 on April 20, 2023. His death came as a shock, leaving his loved ones devastated over time. We will look back upon Luke’s life here with pride as we examine his achievements and legacy.

Luke Kates Fatal Accident : Know his Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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Early Life and Education

Luke Kates was born September 3rd 1987 to Jane and David Kates of Portland Oregon. Even as a toddler he showed an affinity for art; constantly drawing and painting. Luke attended Benson Polytechnic High School to study visual arts before enrolling at Pacific Northwest College of Art to obtain his BFA degree in painting and drawing.

After college, Luke Kates ventured out on his own as a freelance artist. His works featured murals, paintings and illustrations for clients throughout the Pacific Northwest; these were often inspired by nature, music or people he encountered along the way. Luke’s art featured vibrant hues with intricate patterns for added interest as well as meticulous attention to detail.

Luke also belonged to an art collective known as the Portland Painters, known for their large-scale murals and public art installations in Portland area locations – including one at Portland International Airport! Luke contributed many murals for this collective in Portland area locations like this airport mural as part of his contributions.

Luke was also an active part of Portland’s art community, taking part in numerous art shows, gallery openings and community events. Luke often donated his artistic abilities for charitable auctions or fundraisers – often lending them with artwork he produced himself!

Personal Life

Luke Kates was known for his friendly, outgoing character. Known for sharing smiles and kind words with all he met, he always offered help when needed and deeply valued family and friends as core priorities in his life.

Luke was also an enthusiastic hiker and outdoor enthusiast, delighting in exploring the Pacific Northwest’s natural splendor – often drawing upon this experience when creating artworks incorporating these experiences. Additionally, Luke was an exceptional musician; playing guitar in local band “The Painted Birds.”

Luke Kates had an immense impact on many lives during his short lifetime on Earth. A gifted artist, dedicated friend, and passionate proponent for arts advocacy; Luke made lasting contributions to Portland art community that will live long after him through his artwork which continues to amaze and surprise. His legacy will not soon be forgotten!

Luke Kates Memorial Fund will help support budding artists throughout the Pacific Northwest who share Luke’s passion for creativity and community engagement. Scholarships and grants are being made available as part of this fund to young artists with similar aspirations to Luke himself.

Luke’s death serves as a poignant reminder that life can change rapidly and to cherish every moment as much as possible. All who knew and loved him will miss him dearly; his legacy lives on through art he left behind or through its impactful presence within our communities.


Luke Kates was an outstanding artist, dedicated friend, and revered member of his community. While Luke’s passing is a deep sorrow, his legacy will live on through his art and those whose lives he touched – testaments to creativity, community spirit and kindness alike. We mourn his loss while remembering all he brought us as well as celebrating all that joy his presence brought into the lives of so many around him.

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