Luz Gonzalez’s Video Went Viral on Reddit – Here’s What Happened Next

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Are you aware of the death of Luz Gonzalez? Are you aware of the reason Luz Gonzalez’s Luz Gonzalez’s video became a hit on social media platforms? If not, then this article is the only one you have to know. This Luz Gonzalez viral video has become the most talked about topic in the world. People from the United States did discover about the viral clip.

In this article, we will give all the information about Luz Gonzalez Video and further details on Luz Gonzalez’s accident. Check out the article in the following.

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The demise of Luz Gonzalez:

The heartbreaking video of a 4-year-old girl, starring Luz Gonzalez has become the topic of conversation. The clip has been the most talked about issue on the web. The video has gone all over the internet on platforms.

Video of Luz Gonzalez, a 4 year old girl, has gone viral on Reddit as well as other social media platforms. The girl was hit by a car driven by an SUV in a Brooklyn Laundromat. The collision also injured her mother too. The incident occurred on the 24th of June 2018. The tragic incident caused deaths of Luz Gonzalez, who was hit by an SUV. According to reports the suspect was found as Jeannette Maria who is 38 years older. The gruesome incident footage was captured in a video. The video is trending in Tiktok.

Video footage of the Luz Gonzalez incident did go viral on various platforms. Families of Luz Gonzalez are devastated discovering what happened to Luz Gonzalez.

All about Luz Gonzalez accident:

The horrific incident in a parking area has been being discussed after the tragic death of a four-year old girl. The footage of the tragedy was viewed by millions of people on internet, such as Instagram. Additionally families were devastated upon hearing about Luz Gonzalez’s death.

On June 24, 2018 a gruesome accident took place at a parking lot of the Brooklyn Laundromat. The driver of the SUV starring Jeannette Maria slammed into Luz Gonzalez, who is a four years old girl, while backing away from to the park. The footage of the incident was trending over Youtube. It was closed. The accident caused both Luz as well as her mother Luz along with her mother suffered injuries. However, the incident resulted in loss of life for Luz Gonzalez. The footage clearly shows that Luz Gonzalez was killed when the automobile bouncing upwards and downwards while it was rolling on Luz Gonzalez.

The footage from the incident is becoming viral across social media platforms, such as Telegram. Video of Luz Gonzalez has been trending on the internet platforms.

Further details about Luz Gonzalez death:

Luz Gonzalez Luz Gonzalez, a four year old girl’s video has been circulating across all the social media platforms. The footage of the incident is trending in the social media platform twitter. The tragic incident resulted in the the death of Luz Gonzalez. The reports reveal that Reyna Candia, the 38 years old mother of Luz Gonzalez was tied her child’s shoes in front of the Brooklyn Laundromat while the accident occurred. Reyna Candia was injured in the incident, and her child was killed according to the Luz Gonzalez Surveillance video.

In addition the police officer charged Jeannette Maria with hitting the child with her vehicle, as they believed Jeannette Maria was unaware of the fact that she had struck Luz Gonzalez.

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