Are Max George and Maisie Smith Still Together? Read Full Details!

Iain, a Strictly Come Dance star, and Ashley have been together since September 2022. They have had to overcome many obstacles since then.

Max George and Maisie are currently one of the UK’s most popular celebrity couples. The two started dating after meeting on Strictly come Dancing in 2020, and bonding on its arena tour. They then continued to bond during an appearance on Celebrity SAS – Who Dares Wins and The Chase Celebrity Special.

Max and Michelle Keegan’s relationship is not without controversy. Max has a 13-year age difference with Michelle Keegan, with whom they were engaged before making their relationship official. Fans and media have both expressed displeasure at this. Some have also accused them of making fun of Max Keegan’s ex-girlfriend on social media. Despite these accusations, both parties seem to be happy in their relationship. These challenges do not seem to bother either party;

This is a detailed look at the relationship timeline. It shows that they are still strong in spite of all odds.

How did they meet?

Max and Maisie first met in the 2020 Strictly Come Dancing series, when they each danced with different professional partners. Max danced with Dianne Buswell, while Maisie danced at 19 years old alongside Kevin Clifton. The pair initially became friends during their time in Strictly, but they formed a deeper friendship when both of them were selected to participate on the 2021 arena tour.

Rumors started to circulate that they were dating while on a group vacation to Portugal in summer 2021 with some of their Strictly Co-Stars, after they flew straight from there to Crete for a romantic getaway trip. They could be seen cuddling and kissing onboard flight.

When was the first time they went public?

Max confirmed the relationship in September 2021 on Instagram when he left a supportive comment for Maisie following her participation on Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins. Max shared a photo and called Maisie “winner” as well as adding his name to his biography, which Maisie added herself shortly after on her own account.

Since then, the two have shared videos and adorable photos of themselves on social media that show off their chemistry as well as their hilarious sense of humor. They also attended several events together, such as the National Television Awards and Pride of Britain Awards.

What are the challenges that their organization has faced?

Max and Maisie’s relationship has been criticized by many because of the age difference between them. Max is 34, and Maisie is only 21. Max and Maisie are not intimidated by these criticisms. They insist that age does not define their relationship or who they are. They say that age does not define us together.

Maisie said to The Sun in 2021 that “people will always judge you every move, no matter whether it means happiness for us.

Max and Maisie received backlash for their jokes about Max Keegan’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Keegan. Max posted on November 20,2021 a TikTok clip claiming jealousy over Michelle’s recent role as Princess Diana. Maisie replied that it could have worse, adding the comment “Could have worse x”.

One user commented “This video is rude to Michelle – She has moved on so should you!”. One user wrote: “This is not funny at all. It is actually quite sad”.

Max removed the video following any complaints and apologized to OK! magazine. magazine. This video was not meant to be offensive and I apologize if it caused anyone any upset.

Max and Maisie appeared to be still very much together, despite all of these challenges. They appeared together on The Chase Celebrity Special for their first official appearance as a couple. Bradley Walsh even asked them about when they were planning on getting married! Max joked but did not take seriously his suggestion that they propose shortly after host Bradley Walsh had asked when they might do so.

Max pretended to pull out a ring from his pocket while Maisie jumped up with a look of shock on her faces.

The conclusion of the article is:

Max and Maisie are strong supporters of each other despite having faced many challenges together. The couple was one of the very first celebrities to appear together on The Chase Celebrity Special, and they joked about getting married on air. They are also one of the most popular couples on social media. They are still one of Britain’s favourite couples!

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