Navarro Lane Madi College: A Space to Grow and Excel!

Navarro Lane Madi College – Are you searching for an academic environment that provides a supportive and inclusive experience, where you can meet both personal and academic goals while feeling empowered to make a difference in the community? Navarro Lane Madi College could be just what you need; located in Madi’s bustling center, our college has long been known for academic excellence as well as our commitment to social justice.

Navarro Lane Madi College was established in 1965 by a group of educators passionate about providing access to quality education for all. Since that time, our college has expanded and changed, yet its core values remain the same: providing our students with a well-rounded education which equips them for future success in both their chosen careers and life itself.

At Navarro Lane Madi College, we offer an impressive variety of degree programs in fields like business, education, engineering, health sciences and humanities. Our faculty are experts in their respective fields and dedicated to giving each of their students personalized attention and support. Furthermore, extracurricular activities and student organizations exist for them to develop leadership abilities while connecting with fellow peers.

Why Choose Navarro Lane Madi College?

If you are still uncertain whether Navarro Lane Madi College is right for you, here are a few points to keep in mind:

At our college, our community is welcoming to students from all backgrounds. Our faculty are accessible and committed to helping each of their students thrive; additionally we offer an extensive variety of degree programs with some that are unique only to us.

Madi University provides its students with internship and networking opportunities in Madi. We uphold social justice through community service initiatives. Furthermore, our competitive tuition rates and financial aid packages make college more affordable than ever for everyone.

At Navarro Lane Madi College, our degree programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s students. Here are some of our most popular offerings:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Our nursing program is one of the premier programs in the region. We offer hands-on clinical experiences and a curriculum designed to prepare our graduates for success in an ever-evolving healthcare industry – which makes them highly sought-after by hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Our Business Program aims to give students a solid grounding in fundamental business concepts as well as advanced knowledge in specific fields like marketing, finance and management. In addition, internship and networking opportunities are provided so that our students gain real world experience.

Bachelor of Education mes Our education program prepares students for careers in teaching and educational administration. Our curriculum emphasizes both theory and practice, offering field experiences and student teaching opportunities to hone our students’ skills.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

Our engineering program is known for its rigorous curriculum and hands-on approach, giving students real world projects to work on to gain experience with designing, prototyping and testing real world products. Additionally, there are opportunities for them to collaborate with industry partners on research projects or collaborate in research partnerships.


Navarro Lane Madi College provides its students with an environment in which they can thrive academically, personally and professionally. Our diverse and inclusive community fosters social justice while our degree programs help equip our students with all of the tools needed for professional success in order to make a difference in the world. Why not apply today and see for yourself all that Navarro Lane Madi College can offer?

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