Orion Kwite Allegations New Developments!

Recently, the Orion and Kwite scandal has been the topic of conversation. It’s vital to know the facts, as there are many fans around the globe, including from Australia, Canada, and the United States.

This article will provide the latest updates on the Orion Kwite Allegations, and what that means for both sides.

What is the Orion-Kwite Controversy and Why Does It Matter?

Kwite is a well-known YouTuber, with an enormous following. Orion Nyasputiin, a social media influencer with many followers, is also a popular YouTuber. Orion Nyasputiin accused Kwite, accusing him of physically humiliating her while attempting to force herself on her during their first date.

Orion Kwite Allegations – New Developments

Many believed Orion’s accusations against Kwite at first, after the scandal broke. Recent news claims that all allegations against Kwite have been proven false has recently emerged. This was posted by one of Kwite’s Twitter followers, and support for Kwite began to grow.

Orion Nyasputiin has faced many consequences after the Orion Kwite Allegations. This controversy could have led to her career ending.

Kwite’s Response To the False Allegations

Kwite has not yet made an official statement regarding the Orion Kwite Allegations. His fans are furious at Orion Nyasputiin’s conduct and believe she has humiliated him online for something he didn’t do.

Kwite and Orion had been friends for many years and were believed to have started dating. Orion then accused Kwite, accusing him of assaulting her back in his car.

Orion’s Side to the Story

Orion claims that the alleged assault occurred in February 2018 while they were on a date. Kwite, she claimed, is abusive and manipulative. She often makes fun of Orion’s appearance by saying that she looks like a boy.

What happened after the Controversy went viral?

Many people rallied behind Orion after the Orion Kwite Allegations went viral. This led to a movement against Kwite. Kwite’s supporters quickly dismissed the allegations, saying that they were false and that no one should believe them.

Orion Nyasputiin’s Career Impact

Orion is being smacked as more details are revealed about Orion Kwite Allegations. Her social media followers have declined and she has lost collaborations with trusted brands and sponsorships. This controversy clearly has had a negative impact on her career.


Social media has been abuzz about the Orion/Kwite scandal. Despite initially receiving support for the claims, recent developments have proven that they are false. It is important to wait for official statements from both sides before drawing any conclusions.

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