What is Pokemon Day? You need to know

The Pokemon Day celebration is an annual event that marks the anniversary of the Japanese launch of the first Pokemon game in Japan, February 27, 1996. This day is celebrated worldwide with a variety of events and activities.

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What day is Pokemon Day?

Every year, Pokemon Day falls on February 27th. This is the anniversary of the release of the first Pokemon games. This year, Pokemon Day took place on Saturday, February 27th 2021.

The History of Pokemon Day

The 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s creation, Pokemon Day was celebrated for the first time in 2016. There were many events and activities that took place to celebrate the day, such as the release of Pokemon merchandise and a Pokemon-themed update on Google Maps.

Every year, Pokemon Day has been celebrated with new activities and events. The 2021 Pokemon Day celebrations included the release of new Pokemon Go games and special events, as well as the announcement of future Pokemon products.

What is the Pokemon Day celebration?

Pokemon Day is celebrated in many ways all over the globe. These are some of the most popular activities:

  • Pokemon Day: Pokemon fans often celebrate Pokemon Day with their favorite Pokemon games like Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  • Participating in events: There are many cities that host Pokemon Day events. Many of these events include cosplay contests and Pokemon tournaments. There are also meet-and-greets for voice actors from the Pokemon anime.
  • Collecting merchandise: Pokemon enthusiasts often celebrate Pokemon Day with special merchandise such as trading cards, plush toys, and video games.
  • The Pokemon anime is being viewed: Many Pokemon fans celebrate Pokemon Day by watching their favorite episodes or catch up on the most recent episodes.


The annual Pokemon Day commemorates the Japanese launch of the first Pokemon game. It is observed every February 27th and is a day of celebration for Pokemon lovers around the globe. There are many activities and events that celebrate the day, such as playing Pokemon games, attending events or collecting merchandise.

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