Remove Tether Distance Ark Ps4 2022 Get Complete Details Here

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Remove Tether Distance Ark Ps4 2022 Get Complete Details Here

How to Untether Ark PS4

Ark: Survival Evolved is an open-world survival game that allows players to explore a vast and dangerous world, tame dinosaurs, and build bases. One of the more frustrating features of the game is the “tether”, an invisible line connecting your character with his/her tribemates that limits how far away from them you can travel before it blocks your progress.

Tethers can be annoyingly intrusive when trying to explore or construct something on PS4, but there’s an easy way around this restriction on PS4.

Launch Ark: Survival Evolved and access its settings menu.

  • To do so, press the Options button on your controller.
  • Navigating to the Network tab
  • Unselect “Enable Tether.

Once finished with making changes and saving them, exit the settings menu and save any modifications you made.

Once completed, your tether will be released and you’ll be free to travel freely throughout the world.

Note: To remove the tether on a server, admin privileges will be necessary in order to do so.

Benefits of Removing Tether

Removing the tether in Ark: Survival Evolved can bring many advantages. First, it allows you to explore more of the world; once untethered from it, travel freely across any part of the map without fear of being stopped – especially helpful if searching for resources or quests.

Second, disengaging from your tribemates allows for more elaborate bases to be constructed. Without the tether in place, you are free to construct any base anywhere on the map without fear that tribemates might get too far away – something which can come in handy if attempting to construct one in an important strategic location or building large bases.

Thirdly, untethering can make the game more challenging. Without its protection, exploration or construction must be carried out more carefully due to increased vulnerability against attack; but doing so can also bring greater satisfaction when successful projects are completed successfully.

Remove Tether Benefits and Risks

Removing the tether in Ark: Survival Evolved can have several drawbacks. First, it may make the game harder. Without your tribemates to protect you, attacks may become more likely – something especially applicable if playing on a PvP server.

Second, cutting the tether can make it more challenging to locate your tribemates. Without it, it will no longer be easy to see their names or health bars; making it more difficult to quickly reach them should an emergency situation arise and save their lives.

Thirdly, disabling the tether can make your game more laggy as the game needs to keep track of both your location and that of your tribemates – this may prove particularly troublesome on servers with many players.


Deciding whether or not to remove the tether in Ark: Survival Evolved is ultimately up to you; doing so has both advantages and drawbacks that should be considered before making your choice. Your playstyle and preferences are ultimately what should drive this choice.


Sure. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about removing the tether in Ark: Survival Evolved:

Q: What is a Tether?

A: Your character’s tether is an invisible line that connects them to their tribemates and limits how far away from them you can travel before being caught by them and stopped.

Q: How can I remove the tether?

A: In order to disable your tether, first open Ark: Survival Evolved settings menu and navigate to Network tab – Uncheck “Enable Tether.”

Q: What are the advantages of untethering my horse?

A: Unloosening the tether can bring many advantages. First, it allows for more exploration in the world; secondly, more elaborate bases can be constructed; and thirdly it can make gameplay more challenging.

Q: What are the cons of dismantling my tether?

A: Removing the tether has several downsides. First, it can make the game harder; secondly, it may make finding your tribemates more challenging; and finally it may lead to laggy gameplay.

Q: Should I untether my dog from its leash?

Removing a tether is ultimately your choice; each decision has both benefits and drawbacks that should be carefully considered before reaching a decision. Your playstyle and preferences should ultimately guide your choice.

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