Richard Wilkins Scam Alert: How to Spot Investment Fraud and Protect Your Money

Richard Wilkins is a television presenter, radio presenter, as well as an entertainment reporter on the Nine Network within Australia. Born on the 19th June, 1954. Richard aged 68 eight months as well as 24 days old. Richard has an extensive background of over 30 years as a news reader.

Do you realize that in recent times reports about Richard was widely circulated online? Since Richard is a well-known and well-known media personality People believed in what was being said regarding Richard Wilkins. Richard Wilkins Scam.

Concerning a new scam that involves Richard:

Richard’s name was featured in posts on social media, fake news, and knowledge-based sites. The scam involves Richard divulging the secrets of becoming a millionaire in just about three or four months. Be aware that there was not an public interview traced (or) videos showing Richard telling a lie.

The posts were published via the internet, and claimed that Richard is a user of the immediate Connect(tm) platform for investing in cryptocurrency. It guarantees 10,000% returns on investments for even small investors at a time when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing crisis. However, What Did Richard Wilkins say?

The article stated that Richard displayed the performance of his money through Immediate Connect on his mobile phone, and advised Australians to seize the opportunities before banks begin to regulate the loophole. The article also highlighted the way that billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett utilized the same loopholes in order to build wealth. The article also featured images of scammers who had made investments with Immediate Connect(tm) in order to make millions.

The plot behind the Richard Scam:

The most recent article involving Richard’s name into the cryptocurrency scam was published on March 10, 2023, and appeared on Reddit on March 13th, 2023. This Richard Wilkins Scam caused a rush among viewers to pay US$250.00 immediately in order to receive an annual membership (a limited-time offer only for the first 1K members) and to enable their accounts.

The posts also featured testimonials from investors who put in PS200.00 and was able to earn PS11,000.00. However, it is important to take note of similar scams that circulated in the past, and utilized the names of celebrities who were wealthy like Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Azim Premji Richard Branson, Priyanka Chopra, Etc. In the past, this type of news was a trap for money.

Immediate Connect(tm) Website earned an unfavorable 11% trust score. Richard Wilkins Scamwebsite – Immediate Connect was awarded a zero commercial as well as an Alexa ranking, 100% suspicious score 61% phishing and 75 percent threat and malware scores. Therefore, Immediate Connect(tm) is an e-scam.


Social media and news posts with Richard Wilkins’s name in them made any attempt to sway innocent investors and create an urgent need for payment. These fraudulent articles used the image and names of renowned business tycoons and convinced people that anyone could earn millions of dollars in just three or four months. However, Richard’s interview or video relating the topic of Immediate Connect is not present.

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