Rose Hanbury Pictures Find out What Really Happened?

Rose Hanbury Pictures – An Investigation into the Alleged Affair of Prince William with His Former Friend. In the early part of 2019, there were rumors that Prince William had an affair with Rose Hanbury. British media was abuzz with speculation. Some publications called Hanbury, the Duchess of Cambridge’s “rural opponent”.

Even though the palace could not confirm or refute the rumors it was hard to forget them. We look at some photos and other details to help us understand the subject.

Rose Hanbury Pictures

Rose Hanbury is also known as The Marchioness Of Cholmondeley. She is a former model, socialite and is currently married with David Rocksavage. He is the Marquess de Cholmondeley. Hanbury and her spouse are close friends of Prince William, Kate Middleton, so they frequently attend events together.

Many photos of Hanbury were published by the media. Some photos reveal that Hanbury was a beautiful, elegant woman. Hanbury photos have been taken at various events including royal engagements and fashion shows.

Prince William and Rose Hanbury Affairs

Rumours of an affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury began to circulate around March 2019. Rumours about an affair between Prince William (and Rose Hanbury) began to circulate around March 2019. Middleton was reported to have been upset by Hanbury’s conduct.

While the palace didn’t confirm the rumors, they released a statement on April 2019 that denies any “awkward fallouts” between Middleton & Hanbury. The statement didn’t address the affair rumors.

Prince William and Rose Hanbury Pictures

Photos of Prince William and Rose Hanbury were posted online at a private event in February 2023. The photos showed the pair in close proximity, Hanbury sitting on a couch next to the prince. Although the date of the photos isn’t known, it rekindled the speculation about the alleged affair.

According to reports, these photos were taken by Hanbury in 2018. They were then leaked by Hanbury’s smartphone. The palace declined to comment.

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