Starbucks Partner Hours App helps you to streamline your schedule and connect with coworkers

Starbucks Partner Hours – Starbucks, the iconic American coffee chain, has been dominating the coffee shop market for years. With over 22,500 locations in 70 countries and more than 125 million loyalty members, Starbucks continues to expand its brand and improve customer experiences. One way it does this is through its Starbucks Partner Hours App – which enables employees to view their schedules and connect with coworkers.

Downloading the Starbucks Partner Hours App

As a Starbucks partner, you can download the Partner Hours app to manage your personal schedule, request time off, view announcements and company news. Simply log in to Starbucks Hub and navigate to “Partner Resources,” where you can easily download the app and begin using it immediately.

Connecting with Coworkers

The Starbucks Partner Hours app is not only a great tool for managing your schedule, but it also allows partners to connect. Through “Chat,” users can communicate in real-time with coworkers and managers about any issue regarding their schedule. You may need to swap shifts, request time off, or have questions about it; plus you can view company news and updates so you stay informed on developments at Starbucks.

Viewing Your Schedule and Managing Your Shift

The Starbucks Partner Hours app is an indispensable tool for managing your shift and monitoring your schedule. Once logged in with your Starbucks credentials, you can view shifts and check account balances; additionally, the app also enables time off requests, announcements and company news – ideal if you’re a busy employee who must manage time efficiently. With the Partner Hours app, you’ll always be prepared for your next shift while having all the information necessary to plan it efficiently.

Starbucks Partner Hub App An Extensive Tool for Starbucks Partners

In addition to the Starbucks Partner Hours app, Starbucks also has a companion app called Starbucks Partner Hub. Available both on Android and iOS, this provides partners with an all-inclusive management tool for managing their schedule, viewing pay stubs, and accessing benefits. Furthermore, “My Partner Info” allows users to view job details as well as employment history; plus they can update personal information or view work schedules.


The Starbucks Partner Hours app and Starbucks Partner Hub app are essential tools for managing your schedule, connecting with coworkers, and staying informed on company news and developments. Utilizing these applications will simplify your work experience and guarantee you’re always prepared for your next shift. Don’t wait any longer – download both today to maximize your efficiency at work.

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