The Viral Video That Exposed a Tragedy: The Serena McKay Story

This post will provide details on the Serena McKay Video Reddit, and discuss why it is so popular online.

What would you do if someone broadcasts a murder video live online? The incident would shock, terrorize, and disturb you. It is an awful incident that many witnessed in 2017 in Chile , the Philippines and around the world. Are you still able to recall the murder case?

This post will cover the murder case of Serena McKay. This article will briefly discuss Serena McKay Video Redditwhich is hot online.

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What’s in the Serena McKay Video?

A viral video that claimed to be Serena McKay’s killer video has gone viral online in the past few days. Reddit anonymous user uploaded the video, which then went viral. The video was quite disturbing so we removed it from all social media, including Telegram.

More information about Serena McKay’s murder case

Serena McKay, a woman from Manitoba, was killed or maimed on April 22, 23rd 2017. The death date has not been confirmed. She was an Indigenous woman, from Manitoba, Canada. The cell phone video of the murder was captured and later shared on social media. The murder case became viral under the name Serena Chelsea McKay.

According to reports, McKay was found dead in Sagkeeng First Nation northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 23 April 2017. The viral murder video was streamed live first on Facebook, then on Twitter. The murder video was shared online in two versions: the long Facebook version that lasted four hours and the shorter version that lasted just four hours.

After being reported, the video was removed from Facebook on 26/04. All videos and photos were removed from all social media platforms because of sensitive content.

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