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What Is ESPN3? ESPN3 is a digital cable and satellite television channel offering live and on-demand streaming of sporting events from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS and other networks. U-verse customers who subscribe to packages that include ESPN3 can take advantage of this service.

What Channel Is ESPN3 on U-verse?

Due to being nontraditional television channel, ESPN3 does not have its own dedicated channel number on U-verse; instead it can be found through their app or website and by selecting the “ESPN3” tab from the main menu. To watch ESPN3 through this method of accessing it on U-verse you must first sign in as part of your U-verse account and accessing “ESPN3” through your main menu tabs.

What Sports Can Be Found on ESPN3?

ESPN3 provides access to an expansive variety of sporting events, from college football and basketball, Major League Baseball and Soccer games, National Basketball Association games and National Hockey League matches; plus sports news documentaries and original content programming.

How to Watch ESPN3 on U-verse There are two methods available for you when it comes to accessing ESPN3 through U-verse:

Through the U-verse App

The U-verse app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. To watch ESPN3 through it, download it from either App Store or Google Play Store before opening it and signing into your U-verse account before selecting “ESPN3” tab from main menu.

Through the U-verse website

Anyone with internet access can use the U-verse website to watch ESPN3. To do so, go to their site and login before selecting “ESPN3” as part of the main menu.

What are the Benefits of Watching ESPN3 on U-verse? Watching ESPN3 through U-verse provides many advantages; here are just a few:

Access to Live and On-demand Programming

ESPN3 offers both live and on-demand programming from networks like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS and others, so that you can watch the sporting events you care about at any time.

No Additional Fees

ESPN3 is included as part of your U-verse package that contains ESPN3. As such, there will not be any extra costs to watch ESPN3.


ESPN3 is easy to navigate on both the U-verse app and website, enabling users to quickly find content they wish to watch.

ESPN3 is an incredible way to keep up with your favorite sporting events, available only through U-verse packages that include it and accessible through both an app or website. Watching ESPN3 through U-verse brings many benefits such as access to both live and on-demand programming with no additional fees required and easy user navigation.


What is the Cost of ESPN3 on U-verse?

ESPN3 is included as part of your U-verse package that includes ESPN3. Therefore, no extra charges apply in order to watch ESPN3.

What devices can I use to watch ESPN3 on U-verse?

ESPN3 can be watched via the U-verse app or website. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices respectively; its website also makes access easy from any computer with internet connection.

What sports events can I watch on ESPN3 on U-verse?

ESPN3 features a comprehensive lineup of sporting events, from college football and basketball games, Major League Baseball games, Major League Soccer matches, the National Basketball Association Championship Series, National Hockey League games and much more. In addition, they air news shows, documentaries and original content related to sport.

How can I troubleshoot issues with ESPN3 on U-verse?
  • Log into your U-verse account.
  • Verify that the internet connection is working correctly before rebooting any devices involved. 3. Contact U-verse customer service for further assistance.

If you are having issues with ESPN3 on U-verse, please take the following steps.

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