Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue A Comprehensive Review!

Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue – an animal rescue non-profit organization that is focused on rescuing and rehabilitation of animals in need. In this post we’ll provide an extensive overview of Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue, focusing on its background, mission, adoption process, volunteer opportunities and customer feedback. They not only rescue dogs but also guide people how they can live happily with them. They tell about the accessories like dog backpack that are needed for better experience and a balanced diet for the health of dog.

History of Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue created in the year 2014 by Melissa Bacelar and her husband, Nathan. The organization was founded following a time when Melissa realized that numerous pets in Los Angeles were being killed due to shelters that were overcrowded and the lack of resources. Melissa and Nathan made the decision to start an organization to rescue and help as many dogs as possible, and provide them with the treatment and resources to find them a permanent home.

Mission of Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

The goal for Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue’s mission is to save and help rehabilitate dogs in need, and to give them the attention and support they require to find a permanent home. The rescue organization is committed to decreasing the number of dogs put to death in shelters, and to increase their number of dogs who are able to are able to find homes for them. Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue firmly believes each dog deserves the chance to live a full as well-being.

Adoption Process at Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

Wagmor Animal Rescue offers an extensive adoption process in order to ensure that their pets have the best possible homes. The adoption process begins with an online application form that asks questions about the prospective adopter’s current living conditions, prior pet’s ownership and life style. Once the application is accepted the prospective adopter will be requested to visit the dog(s) they’re in in adopting.

If the meeting and greet goes well The next step is to conduct a house review to confirm that the house of the prospective adopter is a secure and suitable space that is suitable for the animal. If the home-check is approved, the prospective adopter will be asked to sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption cost. The adoption cost includes microchipping, spaying/neutering as well as any medical procedures.

I’ve been volunteering at Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue for over a year, and it’s been an incredible experience.

Volunteer Opportunities at Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

Wagmor Animal Rescue offers numerous volunteer opportunities for those who wish to be actively involved in the rescue group. Volunteers can assist in dog walks, socializing with dogs, and even training. They are also able to assist in fundraising events, event planning and other administrative tasks.

Wagmor Animal Rescue offers volunteers with support and training to ensure they are able to contribute safely and effectively. Volunteers must be 18 years old, and must commit to a minimum of 4 hours a month.

Customer Reviews of Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

Wagmor Animal Rescue received many positive feedback from customers who are satisfied. The organization has been praised by its customers for its commitment to helping rescue and rehabilitation of dogs and their efficient adoption process as well as exceptional customer service. Here are some reviews from customers:

  • “I adopted my dog from Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful, and they made sure that my dog was a good fit for my lifestyle. I would highly recommend this rescue to anyone looking to adopt a dog.” – Sarah M.
  • “I’ve been volunteering at Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue for over a year, and it’s been an incredible experience. The staff is passionate and committed, and the dogs are well-cared for and loved. I’m proud to be a part of this organization.”


In the end, the user reviews for Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue have been mostly positive. The people who have adopted animals at Wagmor Animal Rescue and worked with the rescue have expressed appreciation for their friendly well-informed staff members, their smooth adoption process, as well as their dedication to finding homes for dogs who love them. It’s obvious the Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue has made an positive impression in the community they serve and has been highly regarded by people who have had contact with them. If you’re considering adopting an animal or join an animal rescue group, Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue is definitely worth looking into.

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