Youtube Tv Screen Limit View Details!

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Youtube Tv Screen Limit View Details!”

YouTube TV can be an enjoyable streaming service, but when it doesn’t function as intended it can become frustrating. One common issue is when YouTube TV reports playing on 3 devices even though only using 1. This could happen due to any number of reasons; here are a few suggestions on how you can fix this.

Check Your Account It is advisable to first review your account to make sure you’re not exceeding the number of devices allowed for streaming at once. YouTube TV allows for up to three simultaneous devices; any attempt at watching on more will result in an error message and could potentially get blocked from watching YouTube TV altogether.

To check your account on YouTube TV, sign in and click your profile picture in the top right corner to access “Account.” Under “Streaming Devices,” a list will display of all devices currently signed into your account; if more than 3 are present, one must be removed before proceeding further.

Log Off All Devices

If your account does not exceed its maximum device count, sign out of all devices – this will clear out the cache and reset your account.

To sign out of all devices on YouTube TV, head to its website and log in, clicking your profile picture in the top-right corner, selecting “Account,” then under “Streaming Devices,” clicking on the “Sign Out of All Devices” button.

Remove Cache and Cookies

If signing out all devices does not solve your issues, clearing cache and cookies might. This will eliminate any temporary files which might be contributing to them.

To clear your cache and cookies, navigate your web browser to YouTube TV’s website and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on your keyboard – this will open a window displaying various options; select Cache and Cookies before clicking “Clear.”

Reboot Your Device

If all else fails, restarting your device can help clear away any temporary files which may be contributing to the issue.

To restart your device, hold down the power button until the power options menu appears and choose “Restart.”

Reach Out to YouTube TV Support

If all else fails and you’re still having issues, YouTube TV support may be able to assist in diagnosing and solving them. They will work quickly to troubleshoot the issue before providing solutions.

To reach YouTube TV support, visit their website and click on “Contact Us”; select the “Streaming Issues” option, fill out and submit the form and a representative will reach out within 24 hours.


These are the steps you can take to fix YouTube TV when it is playing across three devices, however if all this does not help then contact YouTube TV support for assistance.


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